Japanese Product Listing and Optimization

Want an Amazon listing that grab’s attention, engages your target customer and converts?

If your answer is yes, then don’t have your Amazing listing translated by someone who doesn’t sell on Amazon or by a translator who doesn’t understand marketing online.

Your product listing is your 24 hour sales machine on Amazon. If it is not configured (written) correctly, it won’t drive sales.

We don’t translate product listings. We write them from scratch!

Have your product lisitng written from scratch and optimised to rank on Amazon by a marketing duo who:

  • are selling on Amazon.jp and Amazon.com
  • have sold information and physical products online in Japan for over ten years
  • understand the Japanese buying mindset
  • write compelling copy that converts
  • find keywords translators don’t understand to look for and wouldn’t even consider

We live and breathe Amazon. We understand how your business operates and know what it takes to sell on Amazon successfully.

Your Amazon Translation Service – this is what you get!!

Product and Competitor Research

An initial product review and competitor analysis and indepth keyword research of your product. We’ll also look at your competition and find their strengths .We find a unique angle to make your Amazon listing grab attention, engage your target customer and convert.


Product Title

A keyword rich and compelling product title designed to grab attention and draw interest.

Amazon Japan Product Title

Bullet Points:

Keyword phrase rich bullet points that read like 5 star reviews, highlighting the benefits of your product, optimized for both Google and Amazon’s internal search engine.

Amazon Japan Bullet points

A+ Enhanced Content Detail Page (Product Description)

An engaging and informative product description crafted to get the sale.

Japanese Amazon Product Writer

Amazon Japanese Product Description

Keyword Search Terms

The search term fields of the keywords formatted properly with buyer and category keywords.

Amazon Japanese search terms

BONUS: More Details Tab

We will go the extra mile and fill out information such compatible devices, breed recommendations etc where appropriate as well as the product’s recommended retail price, dimensions, shipping weight, color, size and other relevant fields making your listing the most complete and optimised of it’s category.

Amazon Japan Product Description

We will also include product directions, ingredients and safety warnings.

Japanese amazon Listing

Note: You have complete confidentiality and our assurance that your listing will not violate any of amazon’s terms and conditions.


Amazon Japan Product Listing: $249


Amazon Japan Product Listing - $249 USD