Amazon Japan Sponsored Products Management

Want to start getting sales on fast?


Then, Amazon Japan’s Sponsored Products advertising program is for you. With a CPC (Cost Per Click) as low as 2 yen (yes, that’s less than 2 cents), you’d be crazy not to .

We can take care of everything.

Amazon Japan Help

Sponsored Products Set Up and Management Service

We’ll do the keyword research, set up the ads and monitor your campaigns over three months to ensure you get the best results as possible.


Advertising on Amazon Japan

1. We research your product and market, understand your ideal prospect’s buying motivation and then build out a keyword list

2. We set up and run a broad match campaign

3.  After several weeks we run a Search Term Report and look at your top converting customer driven keywords – these are keyword phrases typed in by  customers that have resulted in sales.

4. We take these customer driven keyword phrases and set up phrase and exact match campaigns

5. Refine and improve every week/month buy pausing ads that don’t convert and testing new customer query keywords. We manage campaigns to gradually improve results over 3 months.

Best part? You’ll start getting sales.

Our results speak for themselves. Take a look!


Sponsored Products Japan

An Advertising Cost of Sales of under 10%. While we can’t guarantee results, this is our benchmark and what we aim deliver to you.


3 Months Sponsored Products Set Up & Management - $269 USD